Nomadic Culture

Adventure Travel

Beautiful Nature

Vast Blue Sky

Mongolia hasn’t

many population & it is not popular country. But Mongolia has too many amazing creatures.

We Make Your Dream Vacation.


2k18, From February to April

We’re offering discount & amazing memorable travel to Mongolia. <3

Unique Guesthouse

One of specialities the guesthouse’s interior is traditional & modern. National interior decorations are made by hand. It makes the atmosphere warmly and comfortable. We trying to keep our oen historical national life style into modern city life style. This is our unique.

Friendly Team

Our team is offering you cheap and interesting trip with comfortable guesthouse like your own home. Everyone is experienced kindly and polite.

Reliable Transportation

Mongolia has vast and real nature. The roads are dusty and non-paved. So we travel by more powerfull russian minivan and japanese jeep for tourists. Tour drivers practised over 10 years and they can fix any car breaking.

Experienced Guide

Our guides will give you all information about the travel and the places. Some places that hasnt restaurant they will cook for you. Tour Guides are all practiced and knowledgeable. You can travel around the mongolia safely with us.

Oh, & We Have a bonus card.

if you come again to mongolia

you will have 20% discount with your bonus card

if your friends come to mongolia

they will have 10% discount with your bonus card